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churros garcia 1970's, original churros in united kingdom

About Churros Garcia

Lesley's father, brother and grandma

at the first Churros Garcia stall

- Petticoat Lane Market in the late 70's.

Lesley and her mother back in the day!

Don't they look stunning?

Mama checking up on the stall 50 years later.

Still rocking the Garcia looks at 82 years old!

Many of you are already familiar with Churros, but for those who haven't been so lucky:


Churros are a traditional Spanish snack usually served with thick hot chocolate. While they originated in Spain, they are also popular across Latin America, France, Portugal, Morocco an North  America.


The name Churros comes from a similarity in shape to the horns of the churro breed of sheep, reared on the Spanish grasslands.


Sometimes referred to as a 'Spanish doughnut', in fact they are crispier and lighter than doughnuts because they are fried at a very high temperature leaving them golden and crispy on the outside and soft inside. The star-shaped surface results from the dough being extruded from a syringe with a star-shaped nozzle. 


To produce Churros of the required quality the dough is always freshly made on-site, which means that customers can watch the production process from start to finish. We mix our dough the traditional way - by hand, using wooden utensils - having experimented with mixing machines and other equipment, but never achieved the same taste and texture. So muscle power it is!


Churros are flour-based and dairy free. They can be served with sugar, 'Valor' chocolate and cinnamon. 'Valor' is the name of Spanish chocolate specialising in a thick, dark, dipping chocolate ideal for Churros. 

Lesley wasn't taught only to make churros!

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