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More and more often we are being asked 'can you supply us with churros/porras that we can serve in a restaurant?'. Traditionally that has been impossible - even in Spain - as fresh churros do not freeze or keep well, so we tried to find a solution. It took us years to find the right recipe and process of preparing, cooking and then freezing churros/porras. We have opened our own factory near Valencia to specialise in producing them ourselves. 


This means that cafes and restaurants just need to toast or oven bake them for 5 minutes and they are ready to serve. Rolled in sugar and maybe sprinkled with cinnamon to finish off that amazing taste.

Frozen Churros & Porras

For your cafe, deli or restaurant

  • Prepared from wheat flour and cooked in olive oil

  • Fast preparation (4/5 mins)

  • Vegan friendly

  • 12 month shelf life

  • No need for A3 license

  • IFS Accredited

vegan friendly churros
frozen churros by churros garcia
frozen churros by churros garcia

Contact us!

07749 654354

or email:


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