Churros Mummy - Lesley Garcia We are a small family business that started fifty years ago when my mum, Encarnacion Garcia Fuenteseca, bought her first churros oven. From then on the whole process of preparation and cooking churros became part of our family tradition. I took over when my parents retired and am very excited to be part of the "Churros revolution" in the UK.

Lesley McKie Garcia

We were finalists in 2010 Street Food Awards and are often invoved in diverse projects ranging from red carpet film openings to collaboration with the British Museum and BBC Radio 4. Lesley is also in demand as a speaker and mentor at speciality food events, for example at the September 2011 Olympia Speciality Fine food Fair (listen here...)

Churros & Chocolate

Many of you are already familiar with Churros, but let us introduce this tasty snack to anyone who hasn't been that lucky.

Churros (traditionally served with hot chocolate in some regions of Spain) are a typical Spanish breakfast and snack.

Churros originated in Spain and are very popular in Latin America, France, Portugal, Morocco, N. America, etc. Sometimes they are referred to as a Spanish doughnut, although they are a lot crispier and lighter than doughnuts. The name Churros probably came from the similarity in shape to the horns of the Churro breed of sheep which is reared in the Spanish grasslands.


Where and when you can get your fresh churros fix...check the dates and places here...

Lorraine's Fast, Fresh and Easy Food

Did you see us on BBC1 and BBC2 showing Lorraine Pascale how we make our churros? She spent a day with us, as part of her series "Lorraine's Fast, Fresh and Easy Food"

British Street Food Awards 2010 - Results announced

Antony Worrall Thompson, Mark Hix and Thomasina Miers were blown away by the food and drink offered up by the finalists in the first British Street Food Awards ( The event - created by food journalist and broadcaster Richard Johnson to recognise the best of the 10,000 mobilers who sell their wares on our streets - attracted finalists from all over Britain. A pink VW camper van from Harrogate served up tea and cakes, a polished Airstream trailer from Belfast bunned up the fattest, pinkest burgers you've ever tasted, and a beach hut from the coast of Suffolk served up plump white cod, chips and mushy peas. But the winner was a London ice cream van. Read more...
Lesley McKie Garcia, Mark Hix, Antony Worral Thompson, Richard Johnson, Thomasina Miers