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"We are a small family street food business that started fifty years ago, when my mum, Encarnacion Garcia Fuenteseca , bought her first churros oven. From then on the whole process of preparation and cooking churros became part of our family tradition."

          Lesley Mckie Garcia


The Churros Garcia stall looking fresh!

Hungry for a portion? Have a look at where we are next to get your churros fix!

fairy lights.jpg

Showing Lorraine Pascale how to make churros the right way on BBC 1's "Fresh, Fast and Easy Food" show

churros garcia

The one they call the Churros Mummy 

Lesley McKie Garcia

British food awards, Mark Hix, Antony Thompson, richard Johnson, Tomasina Miers

Lesley McKie Garcia, Mark Hix, Antony Worral Thompson, Richard Johnson & Thomasina Miers

British Street Food Awards 2010 Runner up!

As well as our street food churros, we also supply pre-cooked, frozen churros that just need toasting/oven/grill. Ideal for your cafe or resturant!

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